We are experts in the field of original and creative Incentives in the Campania region. Vaili organizes Incentives which motivates, rewards, and strengthens your group to increase your business objectives.

Memorable trip incentive

Vaili offers creative programs with team building activities and educational components, which we fully assemble in consultation and organization with you in the Campania region. All arranged within your budget with an unforgettable, exclusive and luxurious Italian touch!

We act as an extension of your company

The difference between us with other incentive travel providers, is that our staff have gained a lot of work experience in various countries. As a result we have extensive knowledge of different (work) cultures and methods. In addition VailiĀ“s staff has different nationalities and is bilingual.

Vaili act as an extension of your company.

Therefore we are familiar with your habits and work your way which means that we can clearly and distinctly fulfill agreements and promises. This allows you to confidently organise your incentive trip with us because we understand your process and the importance of upholding agreements and achieving deadlines
Another advantage is that during the years Vaili has been able to manage and negotiate close collaboration with hotels, restaurants and other vendors for competitive rates.
During your programs, we are present throughout the day to guide you and explain in your language about the Italian fashion, culinary delights, romance, culture, and also shopping.

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